With 50 Hollywood TV/Movie Celebirties - 1, Picture Proof

Can You Name Them All???

Dolly Partton, (Strait Talk) Shirlee Kenyon
George Takei, (Star Trek) Sulu
Grace Lee Whitney, (Star Trek) Yoman Rand
Adam West, (Batman)
The Late Werner Klemper ,(Hogan Hero's) Col. Klink
The Late Bob Keeshan ,(Captain Kangaroo)
Rich Koz ,(Svangoolie)
The Late Ed Roth, (Big Daddy) Creator of Rat Fink
The Late George Barris, Creator of The Batmobile, Munster's Coach
The Late Mickey Rooney, Hollywood Legend, The Hardy Films, The Black Sallion
Daryl Hannah, (Slpash, Kill Bill)
John Goodman, (The Flintstones, 7, The Babe,
John Malkovich, (In The Line Of Fire, Con Air, Man In The Iron Mask)
Tommy Lee Jones, (U.S. Marshalls, Country For Old Men)
The Late Gene Siskle, (At The Movies)
The Late Roger Ebert, (At The Movies)
Michael Bay, (Director of Transformers)
The Late James Dooahan, (Star Trek) Scotty
Jeri Ryan, (Star Trek, The Next Generation) 7 of 9,
John D. Lanncie, (Star Trek, The Next Generation) Q
Tony Todd, (Candyman, Night Of The Living Dead)
Julie Newmar, (Batman) Catwoman,
The Late Yvonne Craig, (Batman) Batgirl,
Pat Priest, (The Munsters) Marlynn
Butch Patrick, (The Munsters) Little Eddie
The Late Davy Jones, (The Monkees)
Mickey Dolez ,(The Monkees)
Robert Vaughn, (The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) Hans Solo,
The Late Paul Picerni ,(The Untouchables) Agent Hobbs,
The Late Bruce Gordon, (The Untouchables) Frank Nitti,
Lou Ferrigno, (The Incredible Hunk)
Kelsey Grammer, (Cheers, Boss)
Jason Clarke, (Planet Of The Apes, Terminator, Chicago Code)
Matt Lauria, (Chicago Code),
Christian Stocte, (Chicago Code, Boss, Chicago Fire) Mouch,
Chris Johnson, (TV Show, Betrayal) Drew Stafford,
Terrence Howard, (EMPIRE) Luscious Lyon,
Grace Gealey, (EMPIRE) Anika,
Erik Astrada, (Chips) Pouch
Robert Downey Jr., (Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes)
Joe Pantoliano, (Serpranos, U.S. Marshalls, The Matrix, The Goonies, Risky Bussiness, Midnight Run, Running Scared, )
Lance Bass, (On The Line) Insink,
Thomas Iran Griffin, (Karate Kid 3)
Vanna White, (Wheel Of Fortune)
Bruce Campbell, (Army of Darkness, Evil Dead) Ash,
Tom Atkins, (The Fog)
Julianne Hough, (Dancing With The Stars)
Paul LaMat, (American Graffiti) Minner,
Mark-Paul Gosselaar, (Save By The Bell) Zack,
Mario Lopez (Save By The Bell) Slater,
Dawn Stern, (The TV Show, VIPER)
Jeff Kaake, (VIPER) Thomas Cole,
Heather Medway, (VIPER), Heather Medway,
The Hanson Brothers (Slap Shot)

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