Can You Name Them All????

Vanna White, Wheel Of Fortune'
Dolly Parton, Singer and Strait Talk,
Robert Downey Jr., Iron Man,
Tommy Lee Jones, US Marshels,
The Late Frank Gorshin, Batman, The Riddler,
Elvira, Mistreess of Horror,
John Goodman, Flinstones, The Babe,
Micheal Keaton, Batman,
John Mulovich, Being John Mulovivh,
Kelsey Grammer , Boss, Cheers,
Mike Ditka, Coach of Chicago Bears,
Christian Stolte, TV Show Chicago Fire, Mouch,
The Late James Dooahan, Star Trek, Scotty,
The Late Davey Jones, The Monkees,
Micheal Bay, Transformers,
The Late Mickey Rooney, Andy Hardy,
Lance Bass, On The Line
Terrance Howard, Empire, Lucious Lyon, Iron Man,
The Late Werner Klemperer , Hogan Heroes, Col. Click,
The Late Gene Siskel, At The Movies,
The Late Roger Ebert, At The Movies,
Chris Johnson, Betrayal, Drew Stanford,
Joe Pantollano, US Marshal,
Jason Beghe, Chicago P.D., Hank Voight,
Jon Seda, Chicago P.D., Det. Dawson,
Richard Daily, The Chicago Mayor
Governor Patt Quinn, Of Ill.,
Patrick Flueger, Chicago P.D., Det. Kyle Ruzek,
Bill Kurtis, News Anchor,
Jason Clarke, Chicago Code, Planet Of The Apes, Public Enemies,
Matt Laurie, Chicago Code,
Adam West, Batman,
Julie Newmar, Batman, Cat woman,
Darly Hanna, Splash, Kill Bill,
William Shaptner, Star Trek, Capt. Kirk,
George Takei, Star Trek, Sulu,
Tom Atkins, The Fog, Holloween,
Mickey Dolez, The Monkees,
Jeri Ryan, Star Trek N.G., 7 of 9,
John De Lancie, Star Trek N.G., Q,
Julianne Hough, Dancing With The Stars,
Erik Astrada, C.H.i.P.s, Ponch,
The Hasaan Brothers, Slap Shot.
Bozo, Bozo Circus,
Robert Vaughn, Man From U.N.C.L.E.,
Robin Leach, Life Styles Of The Rich And Famous,
The Late Jean Vander Pyle, The Flintstones, Wilma,
Janet Waldo, The Jetsons, Judy,
Buzz Aldrin, Astronaut, on the moon.
Yvonne Craig, Batman, Batgirl, Kissing Cousins,
Tony Todd, Candyman, Star Trek N.G., Night Of The Living Dead,
Michael Man, Director, Crime Story, Pubic Enemies, Heat, Manhunter,
The Late Bob Keeshan, Captain Kangaroo,
Phil Jackson, NBA, Coach, Chicago Bulls,
Bill Willington, Chicago Bulls,
Stan Miketa, Chicago Black Hawks,
Bobby Hull, Chiacgo Black Hawks,
Grace Gealey, EMPIRE, Anika,
Mark Paul Gosselaar, Save By The Bell, Zack,
Mario Lopez, Save By The Bell, Entertainment Tonight,
Joseph Barbera, Creator of Cartoon Network, Hanna Barbera cartoons,
Do DuPree, Producer of A Piece Of The Game,
David Diaz, Light Weight Boxing Champion,
George Barris, Creator of the Batmobile, Monkeemobile, Green Hornet's Black Beauty,
The Late Keith Magnason, Chicago Blackhawks,
Jesse Spencer, Chicago Fire, Mathew Casey,
Bob Frey, General Manager, Chicago Cubs,
Carliton Fisk, Chicago White Soxs,
Andie Dawson, Chicago Cubs,
The Late Minnie Minosa, Chicago Cubs and White Soxs,
Leslie Hindman, Appraisl Fair,
Wayne Messmer, Chicago Black Hawks Singer,
Mike Flannery, News Reporter,
Robert Gordon, News Anchor, WGN Ch 9,
Richard Dent, 1985 Chicago Bears,
Mike Singletary, 1985 Chicago Bears,
Dan Hampton, 1985 Chicago Bears,
Ottis Wilson, 1985 Chicago Bears,
Steve McMicheals, 1985 Chicago Bears,
Neal Anderson, Chicago Bears,
Chris Zorich, Chicago Bears,
Big Cat Williams, Chicago Bears,
Jay Hillenburg, Chicago Bears
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