Alleged to be signed in 1960. Seems reasonable to me.  What do you think?


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This one is tough, it has features that are present in known authentic Reagan examples but it also has some features in the last name that make me hesitant. It could have been signed while he was standing or in a rush which would explain some of those odd traits. Overall I think it's likely authentic. I personally would purchase it if it had a reasonable price.

thanks Taylor.  Left a rather modest absentee bid and will find out in a couple of hours 

No problem, let me know if you win! 

I've been collecting autographs for only a few months so I can't help with authenticating.  But I have one Ronald Reagan signature from 1963 you can compare to.  I know mine is legit because he signed it in front of me when I was young.  My parents took me to see him speak in Omaha.  We went backstage and mom asked him to sign the program. 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Thanks for providing this excellent exemplar.

$50 took it.  It came with several other signed vintage photos. Desi Arnaz, Hedy Lemarr, Arthur Murray. Just a weekly local auction with no online bidding

The Arnaz appears a preprint/facsimile.

Here it is:

Thanks Eric.  Most of the photos that I could see did not appear to be live ink or were secretarial except for the Arthur Miller which was personalized by Miller and his wife and the Reagan.  

No problem, sorry it wasn't better news. I have a scarce production still with Arthur Miller from the making of The Misfits by John Huston, also shown.

I will post a better image of this when I pick up the lot on Monday but here is the Arthur Murray.  Not Miller lol. Sorry about that!!  Not the best condition but I was bidding on the Reagan not these others that were included.  Oddly enough, this was acquired from the same place that I acquired a Lucy and Desi signed contract for $20

Very nice :)



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