I have had an Elvis Presley autograph in my collection for some time and am really hoping hat it is authentic. What do you all think?

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In generally it looks good, but I really don't like the way how written "y" in Presley (very unusually). I mean this place.

Thanks Vera! I know very little about his signature. I bought it from someone who had gotten it an auction of just Elvis Presley items if I am not mistaken. I am not even sure why he signed a pic of people I don't recognize. Maybe they had him sign it at a show.

In the center is JD Sumner (bass singer, he works with Elvis from 1971 to 1977). Elvis called him friend. Pretty famous singer, as I know he's even was included in Guinness Book of Records (the most lowest voice). I don't know who is other people, maybe friends of JD Sumner. It's strange because for friends Elvis signs autographs with long description.

For example. Elvis signed photo for Dr. Nick (he was personal doctor of Elvis). Elvis signed: "To Dr. Nick, My friend and Doctor. Sincerely, Elvis Presley".

Thanks for the info. I am glad that it isn't just a bunch but of random people in the photo. Still wish it was Elvis in the photo.


Wait for more opinions. I think this autograph has a good chance to be real (it seems to me.... but I'm not sure on 100%).

I see more positives than negatives.  Not sure but could be authentic.

The same feelings.

This one's above my pay grade, but I agree with Terrier, I think it has a decent chance of being real. I'm far from confident on it, though.

I also think it stands quite a good chance of being legit;- can also see quite a lot of positive things about it



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