I've got 3 Elvis Presley signatures for you to look at    

I'd appreciate some feedback on these if you would be so kind.

Would you purchase any or all of these with confidence?

Said to be from around the 68-70 time period.

Asking for a friend

My thanks for your help!


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Purchase with confidence. I don‘t think so. Better stay away in my opinion.  

Immediate ALL fake... not even worth a second glance

But I think you already know this Don ;)

All three bad.

0 for 3

 Brutal! Daniel Day Lewis as Christy Brown could have produced less shaky, more convincing Presley forgeries using his left foot! lol

who the hell is Elm Pisoly?

That's Elvis' evil twin. You can simply think of Elm Pisoly as being like Andy Kaufman's Tony Clifton.

and from the aml jury, nul points;- really bad



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