Hi all, I posted this a few weeks ago and didn't get a reply so trying again. Hopefully one of you is able to help. I have 3 Willie Mays autographs all with varying certifications. I've got my thoughts on the authenticity of them all but would value a second opinion. Thank you for your help, see the attached images.

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the second ball is no good, in my opinion.  the others may be ok, but I would not want any of them in my collection.  I would go with older, pre-Say Hey stickers.  Too much controversy around these, rightfully so.  the signatures are all over the place.

Thank you for replying! The 2nd ball was purchased at an upstate NY sports shop over 20 years back with no COA and I have always doubted it more than the others. Completely understand the concern over Say Hey, but I remain hopeful that the other two are authentic. That being said I will explore the possibility of adding a new older signature of his to my collection for peace of mind. Thanks again!

Agree with Terrier.

Thank you Steve! As I said I am hopeful the other two pieces are authentic even in light of the controversy surrounding the stickers, but I suppose we will never know for certain.


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