This is based off of an article written by David Cycleback over on , it is so important that I have decided to share it over here. Any collector needs to read this before they start buying stuff!

Here is the original article, which was posted this morning:

Here are his tips:

1) Start by knowing that there are reprints, counterfeits, fakes and scams out there.
If you start by knowing you should be doing your homework, having healthy skepticism of sellers’ grand claims and getting second 
opinions, you will be infinitely better off than the beginner who assumes everything’s authentic and all sellers are honest.

2) Learn all you can about material you wish to collect and the hobby in general.
The more you learn and more experience you have, the better off you are. Most forgers aren’t trying to fool the knowledgeable. They’re trying to make a quick buck from the ignorant. Besides, half the fun on collecting is learning about the material and its history.

3) Realize that novices in any area of collecting are more likely to overestimate, rather than underestimate the value of items they own or are about to buy.

4) Get second opinions and seek advice when needed. 
This can range from a formal opinion from a top expert to input from a collecting friend. Collectors, including experienced collectors, who seek advice and input are almost always better off than those who are too proud or embarrassed to ask questions.

5) Start by buying inexpensive items. 
Put off the thousands dollar Babe Ruth baseball cards and Elvis Presley autographs for another day.

Without exception, all beginners make mistakes. From paying too much to misjudging rarity to buying fakes. It only makes sense that a collector should want to make the inevitable beginner’s mistakes on $10 rather that $1,000 purchases.

6) Gather a list of good sellers. 
A good seller is someone who is knowledgeable and trustworthy. A good seller fixes a legitimate problem when it arises and has a good authenticity guarantee and return policy.

It is fine to purchase a $9 photo from an eBay stranger, but it’s best to buy expensive items online from good sellers, including those you have dealt with or those who otherwise have strong reputations.

And I would like to add my own #7:


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Well written, Ryan.

Good stuff Ryan, this would save a lot of newbies money if they read this


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