70% sure I've been scammed. Do I have any options? (, "High End Memorabilia")

So I just started getting into collecting some memorabilia, and I found the site I scored some movie props from there from Premiere Props, and then found this "live auction" with an auctioneer called "High End Memorabilia".

The auction prices seemed great. I got an awesome Sopranos plaque with a script signed by a bunch of the cast (including James Gandolfini) and a Rush album cover signed by three members of the band. For both, with shipping and premiums, I paid about $750.

Live and learn, it was only after I won that I did my due diligence.

This is the auctioneer's next upcoming auction (which has the same Rush album signed that I "won"):

I googled the auctioneer's phone number and it links to "Front Row Memorabilia". There are a couple of threads on here related to them being scammers.

Both "High End Memorabilia" and "" have not answered my inquiries.

Ugh . .

Where do I go from here? I only have an invoice from Paypal for my payment. No communication, shipping info, or anything. Should I just open a Paypal dispute?

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Yes. Open a dispute.

i can't find anything wrong at but could be wrong...could you place the sopranos signed script? because i'am very curious about the autographs...

Isn't icollector just a venue with High End Memorabilia the actual vendor? I do think it would be best to show us the pieces you are asking about to get opinions.

Yes icollector is a venue but they have "High End Memorabilia" as their featured auction on the homepage . . not sure if they cut a deal to be featured like that.

Here are the items:

what i see on the sopranos script is that these are fast signings but can't say these are authentic or not ''so i have doubts'' normaly a signed sopranos script is worth a lot more but at auction it could end lower.

The only thing I can add to this is pertaining to the Sopranos script.  I can't speak to the other signatures but the James Gandolfini is 100% forged.  Therefore, I can only assume the others are as well.  Either way, one fake signature invalidates the whole item in my opinion anyway.  Good luck, please keep us informed with the outcome.

CJ, Joe W gave you the right advice: Open a PayPal dispute. As long as you didn't pay Friends and Family you should be protected for six months.

Find out what they want from you to prove that what you bought is likely not authentic.

The exact same script and the exact same photo is or was being offered at Touch of Modern. Here's the Google page:

It could be a copy of one, genuine or otherwise.

If they are selling the exact same album again, that's probably suspicious enough right there. You can point them to the links here too.

The seller is in California, so you have strong protection. Any sales from autograph dealers or auction houses from or into Calif. are covered with a very strong law that entitles you to 10x damages plus legal fees if they don't comply. The seller may give you a refund just for telling them that they have violated the law statute—if the items are not real.

"...Should the bidder choose not to go forward with the purchase, or cancel their item/s; they are still liable for the 25% premium as a penalty and an additional 25% Restocking fee..."

That says a lot. Steve & Joe are correct. Good luck :)

Paypal can override their return policies. These were not as represented. Paypal is very good at protecting their consumers.

Also, if you paid with a credit card via Paypal, you also have possible recourse through them as well.

Thank you for the information Steve. I recently participated in an on-line auction of of autographed music memorabilia. This was the 1st time I participated in this type of auction and I now regret not doing more research beforehand as I now have serious concerns re: the legitimacy of the companies involved and the authenticity of the items I purchased.

The auction I am referring to took place on May 12, 2019 and was proffered by The items I purchased were offered by Dypto Auctions supposedly based in California but it turns out that 2 other companies were also involved - Luxewest, Inc. and High End Memorabilia. It seems like all 3 of these companies are tied together somehow. 

I purchased 4 items - 3 band-signed LPs & 1 band- signed drumhead. After 3 weeks and several contact attempts I finally received the items however, only 3 of the items, out of the 4 I had purchased, were contained in the shipment which was sent by Luxewest who stated they were being sold by High End Memorabilia. The 4th item which was missing from the shipment was supposed to be a band-signed copy of Tom Petty's "Damn the Torpedoes" LP. Additionally, one of the items - which was supposed to be a band-signed copy of Foreigner's "Head Games" Album was advertised as contains autographs from all 6 original Foreigner members however, there were only 4 signatures on the LP  that I received.

I have since tried to contact Dypto, Luxewest, & High End Memorabilia to find out what happened to the Tom Petty LP & to find out why the Foreigner album only has 4 of the 6 signatures advertised but have had no success in getting them to respond to my questions/concerns. All emails have either gone unanswered or have been returned as undeliverable. All phone calls have been routed to voicemails with either no identifying information or to voicemail boxes which are full.

Do you have any suggestions as to what I may do to try to get these companies to respond, & to hopefully resolve these issues? Also, you mentioned in your post a California law(s) which govern auction companies. Do you have a specific statute that I can refer to in any future communication with these companies?

Thank you.

Thanks all. iCollector got back to me. Here is the email I sent them:

"The auctioneer lists the same phone number as this site: On this site, it lists "Luxe West" as one of its 3rd party authentication services (that it claims it uses to authenticate its items). On iCollector, "High End Memorabilia" lists their website as I won two items from this auctioneer and now I am seeing major red flags. Is there any way to verify that this auctioneer is a legit company with authentic items?"

Here is their reply with a statement from High End Memorabilia:


My apologies for the delayed reply. I've advised the auction company, please see response below.

"Yes, one of the Certificates of Authentication we provide is from our parent company, LuxeWest. However, we always provide two COAs, the second being from a third-party authentication company, and LuxeWest's COA is a reassurance of that third-party authentication that we purport the item to be authentic, a reassurance we back with our 100% Lifetime Guarantee of a refund for any item if the buyers isn't completely satisfied as to their item's legitimacy."

You can also contact them directly at 562-325-2927 if you have any further concerns.

Best Regards,



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