Below is a link to a auction.  I suspect that it was signed by Malcolm McDowell and the rest of the signatures were forged.  It came with a COA for which I can find nothing backing it up.  I did PSA Quick Opinion which came back as "Likely Not Genuine".  I was offered a refund but I just wanted a second opinion.

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I'd go for the refund. 

Looks like the same hand signed all those.

"Looks like the same hand signed all those".

Yes. And imparted the same predictable, and obvious characteristics of his own handwriting into each and every one of those signatures. The forger probably paused just long enough between signatures to drop the pen and pick up another.

Oh dear. Patrick Magee (who died in 1982) was not well for several years. The thought of him with a gold metallic pen in say 1978 is so laughable. As everyone else says...its the same quirky hand. Money back!

Good catch.  If nothing else one can argue that the poster itself was printed after he died.  I believe this B style was around in 1971 but this is a reproduction as its not 27" x 41".  Pretty sure it's a repro from the 2000s . 

I’ve met Malcolm McDowell at conventions and this honestly doesn’t even look like a genuine signature of his to me either.  I’d definitely go for the refund.

My Goodness.  Their website warns about PSA....I wonder why.  This is horrible


Is the COA I posted originating from the same group in the link you posted?  The Cert says it’s from Rhode Island Collector Association (RICA).  If so I don’t know why their website doesn’t “Spell Out” their name. Also I don’t see Steve Collins mentioned on there.

Hi, note the lack of clear contact information on that "COA". The name "Steve Collins" leads to a lot with autographs on Google, but that is the actor and/or boxer Steve Collins. "RICA" doesn't lead to much. That is deliberate obfuscation IMO (I did not spend an hour looking mind you).

Were it me, with these obvious forgeries, I would focus on the return/refund, if it is truly available, now - while/if you can. Careful adherence to a few strict rules can eliminate this sort of problem in the future, even if you are not that familiar with autographs. I was in two threads recently where I had never seen the celebrities signature (Chris Cornell was one) but saw enough to avoid and stated so before other opinions were posted re the signature; the terms of sale and red flags screamed problem. In this case, I would not rely on COA's alone, and those with no clear contact information should be pushed aside.



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