A Friendly Challenge - Which Joan Crawford SP do YOU Prefer? #1 or #2?

Hi All,

I have received a friendly challenge from a fellow member - David Lewis. Simply put - which do you prefer? 1 or 2?

#1 2X weight studio portrait C. 1930's

#2 2X weight studio portrait C. 1954

Thanks for playing along. All in good fun.



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Joe W., $1 is in a picture frame.

1 for me

5 - 3 your favor, at the moment. Hardly a landslide yet.

I got my initial count wrong. 5-3 your favor.

image 1

Any other votes on this one? Thank you.

Last Call for votes in this friendly challenge. A whole 1 USD is at stake so be sure to weigh in ;)

Thank you.

#2 by a long way. Photo selection and sig is much bolder. 

Thank you for voting Steve. Anyone else?

6-4 your favor David. I will note some of the words used by folks voting for #2.

#2, easily. Had #1 had less faded writing, I would have chosen that.

Either way, you're still winning. Great pics, both of them.

Thanks for voting Crazyrabbits23. 6-5 now...


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