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Sorry, should have added discussion

I won this on MTV when they released nine lives, along with a couple of shirts. 

I collect signed 10x8's and have quite a few, nearly all have had done in person (Ozzy, Metallica, Maiden, Offspring) 

Is this Aerosmith one genuine, reason I ask is there's 6 signs on it... Only 5 in the band

Touring member?

Here is a list of additional personnel on the album:

Perhaps the photographers signature? It's right where it would be signed if so. I am unable to locate an example of Schafer's signature. Perhaps Kevin Shirley, the producer?

Pretty odd for the photographer or producer to sign a 10x8 though.

Tyler's is on Tyler, the rest are easy to make out, the odd one is the middle one between Brad and Joe

Do they look genuine, and hopefully not autopen either 

Yes, that is the sig I am talking about. I can't make it out at all. Not unheard of for a photographer to sign. Rich makes a good point  though - a tour member. 

They do not appear as Autopens. Here is another with 6 sigs. This sold for $400 in 2019.

Have you determined live ink? The ink will appear a different color when in the glare of a light. If is disappears it is part of the photo. These look hand signed to me.

I am not sure why everyone is discussing an unknown sixth signature here. There are only five signatures and no "touring member" on this photo or on the second photo referenced in the replies. It seems like the the commenters are getting tripped up by Joe Perry's typical wings that he sketches with his signature. The five signatures look legitimate barring being a copied pre-print.

I think we have a winner, it does actually look like the aerosmith logo when ya look closer, also looks same pen as used by Joe. thanks Mike, looks like problem solved 

Bravo! This is not among the bands I collect so I'd not know this - I was trying to answer the question as posed.

I just googled a Joe Perry autographs and he does indeed include a small drawing of the aerosmith wings.

A 20yr+ mystery solved in 1 night on this forum 



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