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Not a musician, but I think this might interest some people on here.

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Thx for the heads up. 

The site was painfully slow but I got through it, with 10% off and free shipping (had to add another book to reach those thresholds).

I ordered in the first round. Haven't gotten yet. Has anyone gotten theirs yet??

I got a shipping notice.

He apparently lives in Portugal now so this is the best chance to get his autograph.

I believe I have never paid more shipping than I was quoted at checkout, which is a certain amount for the order + £1 for each additional item. They sometimes hold the products for weeks and other times they ship items just days after eachother. I think they do that at their own discretion.

Having said that, their way of shipping is a reason I prefer a forwarding service. Especially in this time of year when lots of stuff ships. The import handling (administrative fee) is charged per package. Some shippers like DHL charge €14,50 ($17) for the service of advancing the EU VAT on a package, on top of VAT itself which is just around €2 for a book.

That's what I meant to say. You pay the initial fee for the order when the first books ships (+£1 per extra book in that shipment), then when the rest ships it's just the £1 per item.

It makes sense because you always pay the initial fee, wether you order 1 or 10 books. If you cancel the rest of the order you will have paid the full fee for the order when the first book shipped.

My book from Blackwells came like that. I personally have no problems with it when it's a book signature. But I understand your preference.

I think this is a restock but $22.17 with free shipping to the U.S. is a pretty good deal if anyone wants one



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