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G'day All,
I have an 1st edition book inscribed and signed (hopefully) by Al Pacino.
I sought out the autograph myself via mail from Australia to the US.
I am of the opinion it's authentic due to the following:
1. I sent 2 1st edition books to Mr Pacino at his New York address.
2. In the accompanying letter I stated that I was asking him to inscribe and sign the books as they were to be sold at a CHARITY AUCTION.
3.I included with letter Bank Check in US Dollars th amply cover return postage.
4. Books took 10 months to be returned.
5. As one can view from attached photos there is a written inscription as well as a signature to study.
6. The books took 10 months to return as they had. R.E.M. Forward on to LA and then back to me.
7. The MAIN REASON why I believe in authenticity is due to the Statutory Declaration on the return box bearing the signature "Al Pacino". And back in 2008 (and still now) a sender of an overseas parcel had to show their identity to send said parcel. That is correct I'm alleging that Al Pacino himself posted the books back to me personally (remember it was for CHARITY)!!
All opinions appreciated

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That "cannoli" line was spoken by Richard Castellano, not Al Pacino. Well, who authenticated the other book that was sold at the charity auction? It seems incredibly legible for a Pacino signature - secretarial? Not sure - haven't seen enough apart from his abbreviated "signatures".

Sorry, the book has been secretarially signed, as all his TTM signatures, especially from the NYC address.

Both the book and the customs form have been signed by Pacino's secretary. Like Richard said, everything mailed to him is signed by the same person. 

He has done a few actual signings for payment and can indeed sign a semi-decent autograph now and again, but the majority of Al's autographs are just checkmarks.

the above is secretarial.

The following are in-person street signatures...

Vintage in-person from 1970s thru 1990s are below


and last are the modern for friends & paid signings

Hi Tony,

Pete and Richard are right, unfortunately. Your Pacino is a well-known secretarial style. I wish we had better news for you.


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