I know anything from Al Pacino other than his usual squiggle is rare - but do you think this somewhat full signature is good?

Thanks in advance!

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Not even close.

Some those curves and loops don't seem quite fluid in areas.

I agree, Eric.  The baseline is completely off as well.

Any other independent opinions?

Here is a certified example from the same period that might be helpful. It is very smooth with no overt points or hard angles.

This is said to be typical of one of his secretarials:

The one I posted looks nothing like the secretarial

If you read, I never said it did. I was posting exemplars to spur interest. So far it is just Mike and I.

Some of my in-person and known fuller signatures for comparison too.

Here is your first Richard with the OP.

Click for larger images. Very smooth and assured, different slant, baseline, loops etc.

i have a very large al pacino collection and did see many af his autographs and this one could do in my opinion but understand that there are doubts about this one. it's real!

Hey Rob,

"Could do" or "it's real!"?

Can you show some of yours? "Could do" and "WOW" are very different responses. I'm fond of the latter when I show my collections.


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