Appreciate any thoughts on this one. The JSA checks out and it looks good to me. One concern is the signature looks a little faint and may fade over time. But that could be just the photo. Thanks!

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looks fine to me

If you keep it away from much light and use UV protection, the autograph should be okay.  If you look up , they’ve got a product called BallDome.  They’re awesome looking display items for baseballs, and they’ve got great UV protection, and you can order a label.  I’m not associated with them, but I’ve bought a few from them, and I really like them.  Just a suggestion.

It appears to be more of an issue with the pen that was used.  The ink appears to have been running low.

I agree.  It doesn’t really look faded to me, but as you say, Mike, it looks more like a pen issue than anything else.

Appreciate the feedback!

Ask for a better photo. It looks like it was taken with a camera phone from 2005. The signature probably looks better in person.

He's a polarizing figure, but definitely one of the greats aside from the steroids. Got a pretty good deal, so I scooped it up. Thanks to everyone for the comments and advice!

I received this ball today. Definitely not faded, just the pen not having much juice. It actually looks darker in the photo than it does in person!




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