Hi folks,

Got this one pretty cheap. Comes wizh JSA COA and matching hologram. Do you think it is good

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this is mine and its in person. your looks rushed or sloppy.ive done him alot and i basicaly get them from him just like image im showing u all the time

Looks good !

Just obtained Alice on these 2 items on Aug 19th when he was heading to his show.  There's always a little variation in his signature, whether he's in a hurry or not.  My friend even got a nice fuller one on his LP than my LP shown here, there was just 2 of us and allowed 2 each (that's all we had anyway.)  It think the one in question is legit, but curious how inexpensive it was?

Nevermind, I found it.  I don't think price is way off base considering there are so many of just that LP signed by him (not necess all real I'm sure) but competing with each other.  I'm sure they hoped it would climb in price, but many start low and let'r go.  Was there a buy now price originally that you passed on?  Price on it doesn't change my opinion.

Price was 40 US$ and yes buy it now price was 60 uf I remember correctly. For this time I save my money on Rogers opinion I am convinced it is real.

Alice Cooper is a generous signer. Lots of genuine sigs can easily be found for sale.



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