Promoting Autographed Memorabilia....Derek Jeter Mickey Mantle Forgeries Found

I read an article yesterday about promoting autographed sports memorabilia. 

Of course when I scanned the Amazon site for autographs I immediately found a few forgeries, but what really shocked me this morning was the advertisement on the NY Post website.  Here's a screenshot of the first page I clicked on the NY Post website.

It's an advertisement for proudly displaying a Derek Jeter forgery.  Nice going Amazon!!! 

Here are some other forgeries I found on

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That is what happens when book sellers get into the autograph business.

The same has happened in NASCAR too. Not as bad of course. Mostly, ithe bad items were autographs we had removed from eBay in tbe past. 

Does it look like a repeat of Always At Auction? Regarding the baseball items I mean. 

In my opinion, the sellers of forgeries on Ebay who get booted off, then sell their garbage on websites like  I've seen that same Jeter forgery attempted to be sold on Ebay numerous times by multiples sellers.

As for those Mantle, Williams and DiMaggio forgeries, there are thousands of them that have been sold on various websites including now.

Brandon, you're right.  Whether it's NASCAR, baseball, football or any other sport, sellers of forgeries will always find a place to sell their forgeries.  We all know that the majority of autograph collectors own forgeries and that's where the market is.  Cheap to produce and huge profits.

Here's another beauty on  Another Mickey Mantle forgery.  The COA is from Stat Authentic (Ted Taylor) who is on Ebay's "Banned COA" list.

Further research into the Amazon website shows there is no shortage of Mantle forgeries being sold there.

Much of these items come with COAs that are on Ebay's "Banned COA" list.  The one below has a "TTA (Ted Taylor)" COA (on Ebay's Banned COA List).

Can you comment on these like Amazon let's you do on other products?

Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't show a Chris Morales, Forensic Investigator, certed Mickey Mantle forgery.

And here is a GAI certed set of Mantle, Mays, DiMaggio and Snider forgeries.

Turns out you can review these, so I posted a couple. But reviews are approved by Amazon before they're posted. Let's see what they say. 

This is what I said:

This Mickey Mantle signed photo is a well-known style of forgery. The authentication company GAI (Global Authentication) is out of business and certified untold thousands of fake Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams autographs. We have seen them sold for as little $10.

I can't believe the seller doesn't know they're selling forgeries.

Horrible...just horrible.

Steve, I'd be shocked if Amazon is going to allow your review.   But I'm very happy I caught that Amazon ad on the NY Post website!!!!


They automatically rejected my first one but not my second one. Probably because they don't allow seller reviews there, just product reviews. I read the rules after the first one, so for the second I left out "I can't believe the seller doesn't know they're selling forgeries." That must be why it's still in the running. Don't know if it posted yet, though.



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