Should sell for big bucks -- anyone seen this one before? 

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Thanks, APCE! I keep the dust pretty well under control, using a machine made by AlenCorp to remove it from the air, which I can move from room to room...seems to help a lot (an indicator changes color on the machine when dust under control). I collect books and manuscripts and use a lot of boxes to protect those things from dust, too.

Wow - that sounds sophisticated. I'll have to see if I can find something similar. I also have quite a library of books (mostly just for reference but some collectables) and sometimes the dust that collects on them is just incredible.

Its definitely a unique piece

Let's see some close ups of the graphs! Who had yours signed? 52 years since the release very cool my friend.

Thanks, John for the information regarding provenance on the signed Sgt. Pepper. I was unaware of this and will need to obtain that catalogue.

It's often hard to explain auction behavior isn't always 'rational' or yield expected results (and this works in both directions, in terms of price realized). I don't remember what Tracks' reserve was, but when offering it for private treaty sale they were asking £120K when the exchange rate was around $1.55 and were firm!  The jacket is a solid VG condition-wise with a bit of corner wear and occasional soiling (visible in the picture above) but otherwise entirely intact and bright. It's actually quite nice in hand and I'm sure you'd like it!

As far as I know, of the 7 signed Sgt. Pepper LPs in the AutographLive census only three have 'complete' signatures, including the one under discussion...the other 2 include the one that sold for $290K at Heritage and one that sold at RR Auction for around $179K, if I recall correctly. No new ones have come to light in recent years despite the fanfare surrounding the high auction price results.

I'd love to hear of any other complete signature exemplars, if such exist...has anyone seen any?

Hi Trazom , When Tracks purchased this set in 2002 , another 1 & fully signed Sgt Pepper came to auction from one of the Crew/Workers on the set of MMT , to date I recall its the best one i've seen , from memory this was Est £6000 to £8000 & was fully authenticated with questions asked to Stephen Maycock head of that sale. On the sale date Paul of tracks estimated this to go for £20,000 but when the hammer came down this was sold for £42,000 inc fees .

That's obviously when the copy he held jumped up from an initial £20,000 asking price to offers over £40,000! & so on over the years .

The only others are as you state + 1 more - Sotheby's NYC sale & also dedicated to Steve.. it would be on file as sold  in the mid or late 90s again I think this hit over $65,000 ? 100% fully autographed but yours was one of the first to really appear at auction & when prices were low in infancy as people then did not know what was Hot & Not.

Interesting details...thanks very much, John.  If we could only go back in time...what bargains there were!



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