"Dear Jared

Becket is run by Steve Grad if Psa, hobbyist certifies. My cert is from AAU, court certified, board certified forensic document experts.
I will ask Marc Goldman, president of AAU your number.
Thank you
Toby Stoffa
Antiquities "

How would you feel when your signature was kicked from an auction because PSA deemed it unauthentic and then got this from the seller.  I know they have got a horrible reputation but I thought they would honor their return policy, posted all over there site and business documents....but clearly they do not.  Please do not bash me for purchasing from this group, I know that is on me!  
However any advise of what I could do, other then eating the money I spent on it please feel free to comment. 

Also opinions of the signature are much appreciated!

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how did u pay and when did u pay

Cash with documentation May 2015 

So that wont help. My belief is unless u sue them in small claims court u will not get a cent from  them. Too much time passed and cash big problem . Good luck maybe someone else has a suggestion.  Usually we suggest a charge back but that wont help.

They have a BS policy with a "ten year guarantee" is why i posted just as much as anything. If they do not accept PSA as a company to claim something to be fake they will never return anyone's money on a fake they sold. People need to know that beyond the fact there reputation is s***.

We know and it's been discussed here way to many times. There 10 year out is it must be from there expert so u can never win

exactly. they will never return your money. 

In general, I've found it better to buy quality, than to by a hyped up warranty or guarantee.... No such thing, IMHO

Unfortunately, you got scammed by a scammer that has the blue print to shear lamb without repercussion. I am very sorry you are a victim. I wish I had some advice to get your money back. I would probably sue in small claims court just for fun and maybe the judge will have a 1/2 a brain? If it was in excess of 10K, I would have my lawyer chase them down for a while. Not many options at this point.

And u said psa or grad has failed the graph correct.

I assume u now know antiques sells fakes . Its very well know and discussed .ur not the only one to ask for help unfortunately it's to common. Maybe steve has a better suggestion

I totally understand I just want to add to the evidence if nothing else. Calling AAU they tell me to get it looked at without there AAU name attached to see if and see if it passes shm money lost, experiences learned

My suggestion and in sure others also .dont bother spending any more on certs.  Ur throwning more money away.  The good thing is u found this site. And people are very happy to help other people so they dont get ripped off.  We just saved a guy a couple grand on fake g dead stuff this morning 

that place sucks.

Here's what you do. Sue them, AND get local media involved, to cover the story. This is the type of thing the media loves. That will give them the black eye, and...you'll get your money and court costs back.


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