Not sure if Mariano Rivera had a cramp in his hand the day he signed this baseball but this doesn't look anything like the one I got in person this year at a recent game. This one is on eBay listed by seller (treasuregraphs247), the Global cert cards look fake compared to the other cards I've seen. Anyone have an opinion on this?

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Global has been certing Mariano forgeries for years. Stay away.
This is the "new and improved" version from the same forger who produced the mass-produced fakes we've seen previously. Despite the supposed improvement, it's still a crummy, obvious fake.

Did Global Authentics change their coa or is that a knock off as well? I've seen the bigger cards but this one looks much smaller. I looked around and saw some of the other Mariano Rivera that were certed by Global and see what you are talking about they look horrible. If they are so bad how can they be authenticated by any company?

These are new certs. GA is getting slack in all fields. Disgustingly so.
You are lucky to find one PSA or JSA lebron James signed jersey on eBay but there are 10-20 of them a week popping up on eBay by GA. there are also other auction sites like pristine that have an endless amount of GA signed jerseys.

Clearly not the real thing but easy to sell when authenticated by GA
If you look at the sellers offerings (treasuregraphs247), it is the usual assortment of jerseys, balls and mini helmets of the same names we've seen time and time again. Lebron James, Bobby Orr, Rivera, Cabrera, etc. all with GA certs. Even the photos have a similar look and feel to the other sellers of mass quantities of these suspect autographs.

It's almost appears as if you could call a 800 number and order a kit where you'd be supplied with all the signed items, COAs, and instructions on "how to sell autographs on eBay."

Mr. Zipper that's pretty funny, almost like a mail order service for bad signatures. I ran across a seller on ebay (CTOWNSELLERS) from Ohio that has an endless amount of items authenticated by Global, I'd be willing to bet my house 95% of the stars/athletes they have signatures of have ever stepped foot in Ohio. I noticed 2 Al Pacino signatures that are just very poor and I doubt Al Pacino has ever hear of none the less been to Stowe, Ohio. This is like a big puzzle how this stuff keeps getting authenticated.

Well, it may be funny, but I was only half joking.

It is uncanny how so many of these sellers have very similar stock, similar descriptions and similar photos. And as you note, it's quite puzzling how these same sellers - who are often in out of the way places - all have access to mass quantities of signed items by the biggest stars.

Was in New York when items were autographed while he was on broadway
I am Robert Harrison of ctownsellers contact me through this post if any questions on my items as I guarantee everything to be authentic

Robert, I have a question. Did you obtain those signatures yourself or were they purchased already certed?

That's funny you mentioned LeBron James jerseys authenticated by GA, I've noticed the high numbers as well but I don't know his signature as well as others may but I also noticed a high number of Michael Jordan signed items authenticated by Global. I actually tried to get his signature a couple of times and have always been turned down with no one else even around so either all the Michael Jordans are no good or he has started to sign again. Kobe has also come out in record numbers lately, seems like it is all coming from the California/Arizona area.

There is no doubt in my mind there is a forgery ring in California that is producing thousands of Kobe/Lebron/Rose/Durant/any NBA star/ as well as tons of others.


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