Just came across this site out of Las Vegas which has multiple Beatles signed guitars and Lp covers. The autographs look a bit ...... Here is the web address.

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The MJ items are all forgeries.  That style of MJ was being sold for around 100.00 a pop a few yrs ago on the site ioffer. 

Omg dude these autographs are just all horrible fakes....steer clear

Yes, quite familiar with MMP Collectibles—UGH. A member found that its business license is in the name of Brian Burkel, who owned Remember them?

The member also found records of MMP Collectibles importing 7,700 pounds of guitars from China in October.

Here's a discussion about them:

Message for Steve cyrkin your an idiot! You posted a reply to a question regarding MMP collectibles AND you decided to trust that a member gave you correct information without doing a any of your own due diligence. BRIAN BURKEL does not own MMP Collectibles and he goes by the name Christopher Franklin since 2013. MMP are still scammer and all they did was take over the source where to get the fake autographs. by the way the member that told you he found the corporation in Brian's name should get suspended from your sire complete false info. Also this site is all negative everything is about the bad people in the industry on this garbage site. By the way Steve you should get fired for not even doing the proper research to make a reply.... idiots

Hurray, one of those clowns again! 

Member COI,

You're right that Brian Burkel apparently also goes by Christopher Franklin, but the Nevada Dept. of Corporations list Burkel in 2 of the 5 officer positions at MMP Collectibles (Music and Motion Picture Collectibles Inc.:

A screenshot of it was posted by M Meinke on Dec 20, 2017 in this discussion. 

What's negative about this site if we're helping people learn how not to get burned when buying autographs?

Everything I saw on the site is fake. Really BAD fakes with expensive prices that I'm sure have fooled some people who don't know autographs. Everyone please report this site to the FBI's fraud division. If they get enough complaints they might go after these crooks. Here is the contact information for their Las Vegas office:  Phone: (702) 385-1281

Special Agent in Charge

Aaron C. Rouse

Assistant Special Agents in Charge

  • Patrick Brodsky
  • Frank Cucinotta
  • Michael Hickok

Hi Bruce Some advice please - Do you have email address at all for the FBI Fraud division as I am in another country and its hard for me to phone them direct. Appreciate your time on this I have a fair bit i would like to tell them also. good....oh yeah..."yucky" too!!!

I just don't get it. This isn't a collection of innocent signed items. The Beatles stuff, IMHO, are all out & out forgeries. Pretty ballsy to flaunt this garbage as real, especially when faced with a nice prison stretch. All the more reason we have to be thankful for Steve and this site.

"Every item on our site goes through a 5 step authentication process, and has been authenticated by Autographs Authentication Services. Every item is tagged with a tamper-proof hologram label in a discreet location of the item. Your item comes with their LOA, with a picture of the item, and another matching hologram on the certificate itself. Your item, and a picture of it, may be verified online 24 hours a day at"


Well that makes me feel a lot better!!!! 



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