Two of these were bought on eBay when I wasn’t the wisest collector in the world. However, we have all been a beginner once. I thought I might just check with you guys the authenticity of these autographs as it would be nice to get a second opinion from professionals themselves. If anyone needs a better photo to help me find out the state of these autographs please do let me know. 

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and help a fellow collector out. Good luck to you all and happy collecting. 

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image.jpgThing is I tried to scratch a little of the pen off and I believe it worked for both. Hopefully, that’s a good sign look I’ll send a photo of the Benedict part I tried to rub off a little. I didn’t do it too much but i know it’s ink now and not a pre print. 

There are easier, safer and non-destructive ways to identify live ink. Take the photo/signature in question and hold it directly in the glare of a strong light so the ink is quite close to entering the "hotspot". Live ink will reflect/show orange or other color (depending on the ink color) but with a preprint the signature will "disappear" into the photo surface as it is part of the photo. You see examples of this online.

I agree.  The “B” and “C” both appear to be atypical.  Also, the Evangeline Lilly autograph appears to be much neater than her typical scribble.  Are those the two autographs that were purchased from the same eBay seller?

No they weren’t bought from the same seller. I know I shouldn’t have done such a destructive way my bad rookie mistake.

you live and you learn I guess. One day I’ll actually be able to get good authentic autographs all the time.

Questions before actions. :) Re testing for ink, or buying.

Yeah. I’ll check on here before I buy anything else thanks again.

I misunderstood your original post.  I thought that the two autographs that were purchased on eBay were purchased from the same seller.

No worries my fault should have made it more clear. 

Do you guys believe these are fake then? 

Thanks once again for all your help.

The Benedict Cumberbatch autograph is atypical.  I will let other members comment on the Evangeline Lilly autograph.  I am not familiar with David Duchovny’s autograph.

No worries I think now I’ve looked at David’s it’s a pre print from a letter I sent him. Which is unfortunate. Thank you for all your support. 


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