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Any ideas. Waiting to buy it if so. 

Looks good!

I own two, bought for a very good price in his official shop:


Ok thanks so much. What is a good price on them? Don’t want to over pay. And so you’re confident they are authentic then. Just don’t want to get scammed. 

Oh cool! Is the mass market one signed or is the only one signed the hardcover signed from the link you just sent. 

I have a mass market and a hardcover signed, the wit and wisdom of TL.

You can see both in my pictures .

I think all versions in categorie "signed books" are signed. :-)

Some great prices there. Are the books signed on the title page or on a bookplate through the shop?

Signed in the book, not a plate.

Very good prices for a bestseller author!

Jean cocteau cinema is Martin's own cinema. I've seen it in a documentary here in Germany. He is like a kid in some things, collecting toys and figures...and owner of a cinema.

Thanks much!!



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