Are these Judy Garland Checks / Cheques / Signatures / Autographs authentic ???

Hi Guys,

I’m new ‘here’ in every sense and would greatly appreciate your opinions on two Judy Garland cheques I recently purchased.

I used PSA/DNA’s Quick Opinion on both pieces below...

PSA/DNA'S Quick opinion for the top cheque (the 'BEVERLY HILLS NATIONAL BANK' one) was 'Likely Genuine' (which was from eBay) with no comments.

And for the bottom cheque (the 'BANKERS TRUST COMPANY' one), the result was ‘Unable to Render Opinion’ (which was from Abebooks) with no comments.

Are there any Judy Garland experts, or anyone with a good eye, out there who could say if they believe these cheques and signatures are authentic or not please?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks!! 🙏😊 

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First appears good, second atypical/pass on this one - not her hand. I would not recommend either. The first is almost obliterated by that red stamp - first name is gone. There are better examples.

Thanks for taking the time to reply, Eric. Much appreciated.

So you believe the second one is not her signature on the line at all? -

Or it's just a slighltly different signature to her usual one that she did on that particular day and could still be genuine?

Do you know of any better examples currently for sale?


Neither are anything I would collect. The second is from 1951 - her signature was erratic at times. Not seen a "J" like that - could be her hand but so far out of the box it would remain questionable. In '51 you'll see a more defined "r" unless rushed - very rushed is not something to collect. 

Here is my SP signed in 1952 or so (photo is from 1943). Beneath that are two I sold - 1954 TV candid and a 1964 program as well. Click for full images:

PS - I don't know of anyone selling one of quality at the moment.

Thanks, Eric - I've since cancelled the second one's order as it sounds far too risky for my liking...

Those are some fabulous autographs you have there! It sounds like you really know your stuff, too, so thanks for sharing your thoughts and knowledge with me. It's much appreciated.

I've gone ahead and bought the first one in the original post as I believe it to be authentic along with you, PSA, and another highly-esteemed Garland collector. 

For me specifically, I really want to own a Garland check in my collection...

Now I'm actually looking at the attached check - what do you think: authentic or not?

Many thanks again.

The one with the red stamp should be very discounted. How much was it? The stamp obscures the first name as noted previously. There is a question I often ask - "It is genuine, but is it nice?". The last one you posted is fine and not really affected by the stamp. Her hand is very light in ballpoint. Of the three the last is the one to collect. Look at the date it was written...She was friends with JFK.

I'm ashamed to say for the very first one I paid $957 USD in total inc. shipping from the states (this includes almost $200 import tax, though), so $750 just for the item itself.

Wow - that's incredible - you have such a good eye. I didn't even notice the date!!

I'm awaiting a PSA Quick Opinion response on the last one in green ink. I really quite like it. :) 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. It's really nice being able to speak to fellow-collectors; although I am totally new to it, I'm sure I can learn so much from you guys!

Wow!. That is way too much. A pencil signed postcard to a fan only sold for $433 tonight. I'd cancel the red stamped one - how much was that?  The last one is good all around. 

Yes, I'm seriously thinking this was a mistake now. :(

They haven't dispatched it yet, so I should be okay...hopefully.

What would you say to the seller in my position?

They may not want to cancel it as they've been paid a pretty penny for it already...

Thanks for your advice re buying unframed items, too - I'm currently awaiting to hear back how much they would sell just the check for.

They've agreed to sell it by itself, just need to negotiate a price now... What would you say is a fair price for both buyer and seller?

Many thanks, Eric! You've been incredible. :)

I see the one you bought. Buy it Now and Free Shipping usually means you overpaid with this sort of item.

The seller has a 30 day return policy, You can ask them to cancel, or get it and send it back.

A fair price for a check is about $550-$600. The payee may be of interest as well as the date on checks. You want to avoid stamps and other disruptions that obscure the signature.

Be sure to request good scans of Obverse and Reverse and post them here..

Thank yo fo the compliments. You can read more about me and my collection on my "About Me" page.

PS - You are very welcome.:)

Quick Opinions are worthless IMO. You'll do better here with this group.


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