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Are these Judy Garland Checks / Cheques / Signatures / Autographs authentic ???

Hi Guys,

I’m new ‘here’ in every sense and would greatly appreciate your opinions on two Judy Garland cheques I recently purchased.

I used PSA/DNA’s Quick Opinion on both pieces below...

PSA/DNA'S Quick opinion for the top cheque (the 'BEVERLY HILLS NATIONAL BANK' one) was 'Likely Genuine' (which was from eBay) with no comments.

And for the bottom cheque (the 'BANKERS TRUST COMPANY' one), the result was ‘Unable to Render Opinion’ (which was from Abebooks) with no comments.

Are there any Judy Garland experts, or anyone with a good eye, out there who could say if they believe these cheques and signatures are authentic or not please?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks!! 🙏😊 

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You also need to be careful buying framed items - unless you like surprises. Never know what you'll find under the glass...it could be fine and properly framed, or it could be a copy...There is no rush with these things - take your time. Suppose you open it up and find it is improperly framed with junk materials? Most will not buy framed items and many auction houses will not sell or they won't guarantee framed items.

Wow - the cheapest they'll sell just the check for is $1,475!!!

Why is it so much - do you suppose they're aware of the historical date, and if so: is it worth paying that much? I have asked them why it is so much...

I feel anxious now; I likely have to cancel the first check soon before they dispatch it - and I really wanted an authentic Judy Garland signed check...

And I won't be able to buy the green-ink for less than $1,475...

I ideally want a Judy Garland PSA/DNA slabbed check. That's my dream collectable, and I was trying to make that myself by buying the check by itself first.

Do I cancel the first and bite the bullet and pay $1,475 for the green-ink one???

What would you do in my situation, Eric?

Many thanks,


I would cancel and not pay that insane price as well. BTW, items can pass Quick Opinion and still fail certification. I'd not place much stock in PSA - they are among the worst with Entertainment. You'd do much better getting opinions here.

I avoid stickered/slabbed/certified items for several reasons.

PS - there really is no rush. She is highly desired but generally available. You cab afford to be choosey.

Seller seems unaware of the date. The number of watchers do but few will spend that much.                                        

Hi again,

I've sent you a Friend Request - look under your Inbox upper right to accept.

On my screen that framed check looks faded.

+1 Thanks. My laptop gamma must have drifted. Obviously faded on my PC. Steer clear Sam.

The 1951 originally sold at RR for $415 with just 1 bid. It is not attractive.



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