I have two EPs - The Beatles Hits and Twist and Shout signed by John Lennon and Paul McCartney - are they genuine? On one of the records it is signed 'Best wishes Paul McCartney'

These were part of an extensive record collection owned by a relative. As I love the Beatles I was asked if I wanted all the singles and these were amongst them. I'm surprised I hadn't heard a story about these before but it is possible they obtained these in Glasgow when the Beatles were touring extensively

Any insight would be much appreciated. Thank you

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Sorry, not IMO.

Sorry they don’t appear genuine to me.  They appear to be fan signed signatures.


Not authentic, unfortunately.


Not really close at all to the real thing, unfortunately. Probably signed by an enthusiastic fan...

Thanks all - much appreciated. As I say, I was surprised I hadn't heard a tale about them being obtained. Let's hope they weren't duped back in the day!


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