Hi everyone,

Some weeks ago someone asked if Pristine Auction, among others, is a trusted company. Now I can say they're not 100% reliable, according to my own experience:

I tried to bid for an autograph in one of their auctions that had 0 bids. However ---for my surprise, just as I entered my minimum amount, someone outbid me. Tried for a second time and same happened. I was the only bidder! I found it very strange. Is the Auction House itself the one that outbids? Definitely I don't trust them.

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You need to read the Terms which are quite vague compared to others. Many houses will bid against you and they will say so right in the small print. Probably right near the part where they tell you nothing they say is to be taken as fact and the pictures are juiced for sale. Everyone should know the Terms they are agreeing to! Was it a reserve auction?  "... In addition, bids up to the Reserve Price may be placed by the Company on behalf of the seller up to where the next bid in succession would hit the Reserve Price.... If so, and they are saying they will bid, they are not lying. Technically, you should have already read all Terms before you bid 1 penny.

Oh, I see! To be honest, I read the Terms but didn't understand that Reserve Place meaning. Ok, I got it. Thanks a lot Eric.

P.S. Anyway, I still prefer the "traditional" way :D

Thank you - you are the first person to say "I did read the Terms!" to me in this type of converstion! Well done. Terms are by nature confusing so just ask questions when unclear :)

Haha, thank you! I will!! :D


I agree with Mr. Sump here....I prefer the "traditional way" as well....but most of the autograph/memorabilia auctions I'm aware of now have you bidding against "the house".   

I've pretty well given up bidding at these auctions.  Besides this game, there's also taxes, buyer's premium, convenience fees for credit cards or PayPal, often high shipping, etc..  I bid on an item recently at an autograph auction and by the time all of this was added on, the item ended up costing me almost twice as much as the bid amount.

Areed. I don't bother with these auctions  - one time a $$$ item, large, unique, and delicate physically from age was sent to me with signature confirmation for safety. I found it thrown on my stoop in cold weather. It was a nitrate film print! Out in the cold!

I always work all those extras into my bid. I don't like surprises.

Etienne, Eric,

Thank you very much for your comments and your advices! I'm agreed with you.

You are most welcome. Etienne is a nice guy with a lot of applicable knowledge - a great asset to the Community, our little "family". :-)

p.s.   I should have mentioned...in the auction I referenced above in which I 'won' and all of the other fees accumulated....I'm more than convinced I was bidding against "the house".  



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