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Nooooooo US only

Can't check out - sold out?

It worked for me. 2 per address

Thanks for confirming that it wasn't sold-out. It kept clearing my cart on mobile when I pressed checkout. Switched to desktop and got my order through!

Worked for me as well. I don't reeeally know why I have to have this, but bought me two copies :D

As I read in another thread you're based in the EU, aren't you? Did you use a forwarder?

Yeees, I did :) my past experiences are good!

Thanks for your reply! Which forwarder do you use? I considered using one in the past but wasn't sure which one to choose - positive feedback would help for sure :)

You're welcome! Just saw on your profile you're from Germany as well :D

I'd recommend shipito. But note that they don't really offer cheap shipping rates. So an item should to be worth it to you. Or see if you can combine multiple purchases (they'll bundle stuff into a single package upon request). This saves you significantly.

Most important thing for me here is reliability, and this they have been so far :)

Oh, a fellow German, so I'm not the only one here :)

Thanks for your feedback, I'll look into Shipito. But since BAM has sold out, I have to hope for other retailers to offer more signed copies - fingers crossed - but if it doesn't work out, I now know who's got a spare copy :D

Bist du nicht :P

And yeah, with someone who ships directly to Germany, you would almost certainly get away a lot cheaper as well. Let's see what else is to come...

With the second copy I want to make absolutely no promises. Especially with as far away as the release date is, and the possibility that not all orders will be fulfilled. But you're welcome to check back at a later date :)

Yes, let's see if other retails put more signed copies up - fingers crossed. No need to make promises about your spare copy - my annotation was more joke than serious - uh - maybe half joke and half serious :D



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