Hello friends,

 I have the problem, that a seller from Nort-America doesn't ship to Europe and Asia. Sometimes I have read here about the same problem in the other way from UK to the US. Does anybody have tips or hints, what man can do in this situation beside resigning and being unhappy?

 Thank you for your answers! Greetings from windy Germany, Tobi

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Hi Tobi

There are a number of companies that provide a US address for delivery from US shops, that then ship it to your address.  I've put a couple of links below but I suggest you search and compare prices to deliver to you (and also look at the reviews).   MyUS seems to be one of the better companies that ship to Australia.  

I've had no issues using these types of shipping companies where the shop will not ship internationally,  for both US and UK purchases. 

Good luck.

cheers, Kelly

MyUS.com | Shop US Stores & Ship Overseas

You shop in the US, We deliver to your doorstep, worldwide! | USadd...

Hello Kelly, 

thank you for the informations. I haven't known, that there are companies, which offer such a service. It seems to be a profitable business. 

I will give it a try and hope, that the seller, a small record store, won't make trouble with it. With pleasure I take your wished luck (-:

All the best, Tobi

yes have it shipped  to friend in the states and let them ship to you

the reason he dont ship internation id becuase of the high thiefft rate and false paypal ebay disputes

I second what marc e says about having a purchase sent to a friend in the States or one of the shipping companies that forward overseas.  I've sold a small handful of items on eBay that were purchased by international buyers and have had good luck going that route.



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