Does anyone own, or has anyone ever seen, a copy of any of Love's first three studio LPs that was signed in the 1960's?

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no,i have been hunting for one also,ecspecially with arthur lee,bryan ,mclean,snoopy,ken,alan

very rare and hard to find anything signed by the original love in 1966 to 68

this is the only arthur lee/love signature i can find,the rest are on ugly 80s release cds, to find a record signed by the original members from 1966 to 1968-arthur lee)lead vocals,keyboards,percusiion,guita)r,bryan maclean(rythym guitar,vocals),ken forssi)bass)i,alban"snoopy"pfisterer(drums)r,johnny echols(lead guitar is very very rare and i have never seen one,im sure one will pop up,or atleast an autograph book page

I have a few albums signed by Arthur Lee and Johnny Nichols (sp?)


I think McClean (cousin of Maria Mckee of Lone Justice fame I believe) died a long time ago, so that's tough.


Oh, one album I have is also signed by the drummer. I interviewed him years ago, and I tried to interview Arthur Lee, but he decided he wanted to kill me, so the interview lasted 10 seconds. He did sign after the show, though ... so that was kinda cool.

Ha ha. Do you recall what you asked Arthur that caused him to react that way? Is your album signed by Michael, or Snoopy?

Signed albums are out there. Johnny Echols recalled Love spending hours signing albums at an appearance at Neiman Marcus in Dallas in 1966. He said that a fan once showed him two 60's-era signed albums that had been purchased at a thrift shop for a dollar each.

there may be signed albums out there,but no one is selling them,i have searched everywhere

To find 2 fully signed love albums in a thrift store for $1 each is amazing

I hope to find one,even a fully signed page..anything signed by all the original members of love.


I'd like to find one too. They apparently signed quite a few but, aside from the thrift shop find, they indeed are nowhere to be found.

i have found rare autographs by rockers such as paul kossoff(free),clear light,canned heat with alan wilson,fat mattress,a few others hoping my next score will be a fully signed 1966 love album

i would assume a original fully signed love album from 1966 would go for atleast 500 to 1000 dollars.

I cant even find any examples of loves original band members signatures,accept arthur lee

The only ones I've seen are these from a 1965 contract...


wow,thats amazing    i actually own a clear light contract,they were signed to elektra records at the same time love and the doors in 1966/67,i wish i owned loves contract
this is Clear Light    


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