I'm preparing to send a few items to Beckett for authentication. Mostly items that were collected through the mail years ago, that I want to ensure aren't secretarial signatures.

But in certain cases, the signatures are so basic, or so easily replicated, that it seems pointless. They might automatically fail authentication because there's no way to tell.

And supposing they did pass, how reliable would they be? Are authenticators known for giving a pass to easily forged signature styles? I don't want to automatically assume something is real just because it has a sticker on it.

Below, I've attached a few examples of these types of signatures. But I'm asking in a more general sense:

1: Is it worth trying to get things like this authenticated?

2: Would an authentication be reliable even if successful?

Thank you for your help!

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Those are so minimalist I would look for something more substantial.

The Cavill should be okay but the Owen, I do not know how you can authenticate unless they witness it being signed

Thank you! That gives me a good idea as to where to draw the line when deciding.

Are they attractive? Eye appeal? Easy sell?

Thanks, those are very good points! This actually leads to another question - is it worth authenticating items which I don't intend to sell? Authentication definitely makes a difference in the selling price of an item, so it's important to choose items that would have some kind of appeal to begin with.

But if I just want to know for myself, would I be better off asking about them on this site? I'd be (hopefully) getting a wider range of opinions, which would be preferable to just one person. But I also don't know if I'd get any replies on certain items. There are plenty of people on this site with expertise for people like John Lennon or Harrison Ford. But I wonder if anyone here would easily be able to spot a secretarial Henry Cavill, for example. So my only recourse might be to pay someone at Beckett to look into it.

But maybe I'm wasting money, sending an item that I'm 50% sure is real, just so I can be 90% sure it's real.

Good points. The Cavill is attractive and will sell with authentication although how much do Beckett charge for authenticating both of these? Clive Owen is not the most sought after name IMO

If I played the game of TPA I would draw the line where the cost of authentication is more than the cost of the item. Why spend $50 or whatever for a Bowie SP you bought for $49 with your knowledge and experience? I would take the word of several folk here over any TPA.

Thank you! I agree. I think I'll mostly ask about them here, and see if I can get some opinions over time. And then in a few months, anything that doesn't get responses may go to a TPA. But I think you're correct that this forum is so much better. Many thanks again for your help!

As always, my pleasure.

Hi if your in the UK there is a company that do beckett certificates 2-3 times a year its £8.

If got a Shia labeouf which is an s with a cross through it. So same as you easily replicated. But for £8 I think I'll just do it. 



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