In a Joe W. thread on Elizabeth Taylor, John Kimball asked if I had any Audrey's. Here are two of my favouries - one early and one late.

The photo is by Karsh I believe, but only stamped "Camera Club". It is also stamped as used by the press in1958 but I have a feeling the image might be earlier.

The magazine was signed at the Lincoln Center on the occasion of a celebration of her life's work by the Film Society. 

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What a beautiful lady. I especially love the feb 58 one! Wow!! Here is an Audrey I recently purchased. Hope you like it.

Very nice Joe. Very much like my 1991 magazine signature. I have another from the same 1991 event which I'll attach below. I have posted it on this site before but that was a while ago...they are not my photos and apologies in advance for the quality of them..  

I much prefer Audrey's early or late signature. I'm not so keen on the 1970s period - the dead straight ones placed at the very bottom right. Somehow they look a bit too workmanlike to me and I always associate them with fakes - like the German postcard types from the 50s/60s.

Does anyone have any other nice Audrey's to post? Any period would be good. 


here is one of mine

Very nice pug. 

very nice Joe. where did you find that one?

A dealer out of New York. I seen a signed photo similar to the one you posted Michelle sell recently on ebay. I like the inscribed ones too. Nice one.



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