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Help me understand this better, if I get my autographs authenticated through the more popular opinion based businesses that opinion adds value sometimes a dramatic value increase. What about the legit autographs that are not deemed authentic? If I send in 50 or more items for authentication will that buy me better odds at being authenticated?  I'm not trying to be an antagonist it just seems like options are limited and opinions are jaded.  Even the average buyer is made to believe that only certain authenticaters know what's real or not real, like 3 I can think of that get pushed as the only legit authenticators.  If your signature recieved authentication from a company out of the top 3 it's somehow less authentic? I guess there's no business like getting signatures from arranged signings with multiple witness's and a date of execution.

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It is confusing, isn't it? TPA services can offer one of two things. Peace of mind and/or more credibility when it comes time to sell. If selling it then depends on where you are selling. If you are selling them yourself via eBay or similar venue then TPA authentication will definitely help you sell quicker and usually at a higher price.

With that said, they are more of a marketing tool than any thing else. Some are better than others.

There is really no reason for a collector to have their entire autograph collection authenticated unless they plan to sell it.  It could cost thousands of dollars.  They would be wiser to add to their collection for that amount of money.

There are no reason have coa if the item is 100% genuine and authenthic... and there are no reason have a coa to sell ... you can send the autographs to the best autograph auction an sell all. 

If one of the reputable TPAs doesn’t recognize that an autograph is authentic, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t be deemed authentic by the others. Luck sometimes plays a part in that the autograph has to be seen by the right authenticator.

I seems "luck" plays a much bigger role than it should in far too many cases. Just my humble opinion. I can see why the state of the hobby is what it is.

So, when the major auctions houses also use these services they validate the TPA services to some degree. And I am referring to the ones which have been around for many years, with outstanding reputations. Why would they need these services? No wonder this hobby can be a confusing mess.

Luck does seem to play too big a role and it goes the other way as well. Collectors have to be lucky to varying degrees that they don’t run into one of the TPA’s mistakes, especially considering that they rarely seem to get corrected.


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