I found this vintage (I think it says 1960) Natalie Wood handwritten note on the back of a pre-print autographed postcard, and would like to hear any of your thoughts regarding it's authenticity.

Thank you, as always!!

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I have every reason to believe this is genuine.

That's great news Joe! Thank you!

Thanks Rahat, that's awesome!!

This reads just like a Johnny Carson preprinted postcard. No dedication, generic content, same color "ink" as the card Reverse, two skips in name...Gotta love Google. 2 minutes & money saved ;)

Like this sort of thing - also 60's:

There you go. Thanks, Eric for the info.

Thanks, as always, Eric!

You are very welcome Chris :)

Watch for thses generic messages "Hi! Thanks for writing! Best, XXX"

It is odd both last names have 2 little breaks in them.

BTW, this is the 3rd or 4th of my responses that eliminate problem items without any knowledge of the autograph in question - just listening to the potential red flags. In this case generic content, no dedication etc. led to looking for a printed card which Cris found directly. The Cornell guitar was another with different red flags - I should keep track. The flags are very important.



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