Hi there, can anybody give me an advise, if this signature is authentic? It should have been signed 1986 after a concert in Frankfurt. It looks a bit strange to me, but some of the crazy "swings" look very familiar with other Springsteen signatures that I have seen....

What are your thoughts? Greetings from Germany!

Happy Holidays!



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doesn’t look good to me 

100% a forgery -- not even close to his 1990's style. 

Hey mate, thanks for your quick reply on my request. I have another option to buy, which looks like this? What do you thunk about this? Real or fakeF138EC99-92A1-40BA-8EFE-847F08D480D8.png

The "B" is strange looking on the Amnesty item.  Not for me. 

Totally Fake.

If you are interested, I have a signed Born in the USA album available.

Hello.  I know this was an older reply but just wondering if you still had the signed Springsteen for sale?  Is it band signed too?

Hi,  I do still have it.  I was going to keep it, but if you are still interested, it is available to you. Let me know.



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