Hi everyone!

I'm a little bit skeptical on the authenticity of this Vivien Leigh signed page I found...

I would really love to hear any of your thoughts on it!



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I believe this is likely genuine.

I agree that it's likely authentic and a nice example

That is a lot of slow ink for her light rapid hand and a strange "L", often there is another "dot" at the end. I am leery of this one - I have not seen one like this - the last name and last 2 letters especially.

I thought the same, Eric.  Admittedly, I am not qualified to question Joe. I have not seen this heavy of a signature from Leigh before. Most other ones seem very light to the paper.

Re "qualified" I like questions and observations from ALL quarters. Let's see what others say.

Daniel, you are more than qualified to question me! That's what this site is all about. Yes, it is a stronger signature than most we see. I still lean toward it being authentic. JMO.

Here are some Leigh's I have on file or own:

The OP:

And 2 more:

There are a lot of differences to see, the relationship between the two "e"'s, and how the "L" changes direction for the "e",  but that formation and grouping of the "eigh" looks so halted, the letters "eig" the same size and odd with the hard angular bottom on the "h" which is atypical...overall legible...the attack and number of "dots"...the "L" and "h" being parallel...the curving stroke to finish the "h" before the final downstroke...

And one from PSA Facts:

Hi there!

Thank you Eric, Joe, Andrew and Daniel for your feedback. It really helps a lot.

I kind of agree with Eric on this. I thought that "Vivien" looked more or less fine, but the "Leigh" looked rather strange, when comparing it to other authentic examples of her signature. Both the L and the H look heavier than they usually are, and the E is not higher that the I, as it usually tends to be. 

I guess I'll avoid this one then! Thanks!

Hi Cris,

A good move I think. Something more typical and nice - theses strange little cuts are trouble IMO.



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