Over a year ago I came on to this web site to ask if an Elvis signature I had bought at MGM Art of Music in Las Vegas whilst there on holiday looked genuine.  All opinions said FAKE.  Obviously I was devastated, mostly because the sellers had convinced me it was the real thing and I desperately wanted something of Elvis' being such a big fan, but also it had cost a lot of money and I was determined they were not going to get away with conning me.  I e-mailed Art of Music over and over and of course they kept telling me it was genuine and that Skip Hensell had authenticated it etc etc, they even gave me a date that it was supposed to have been signed, and told me I was talking a load of rubbish.  Anyway to cut a long story short, I went to my credit card company and asked them to start of process for getting my money back.  I had to provide lots of info and get the signature verified as a fake, but it was worth it.  It has taken more than a year but finally MGM have paid up, I have all my money back.  PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM ART OF MUSIC THEY ARE CON ARTISTS.

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Great work Diane. Congrats. 

glad it worked out for you

Great news, Diane! You hit one out of the park for all of us.

Great, great news!!!

I'm thrilled to hear this. But...I'd also like to know the details. Did it have to be "authenticated" from another party? Did they reimburse for that? I'm curious about lots of the details in this.

Glad to hear it.  Rule of thumb - do not ever buy anything from a Las Vegas shop/store.  I have never heard of anything being real there

Hi Diane,

cool story - thanks! Congratulations that you got your money back!

Would you maybe still have a photo of the discussed fake autograph to compare to authentic ones? I guess this might be interesting here.

Best regards and thanks in advance




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