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Is this a legit authentication Company?


These are horrid-looking forgeries.

Look at this garbage.  Freaking laughable.

Looks like it was penned by a two-year old.

Look at this garbage with a worthless COA from AAA on a cheap China baseball.

This is from Ebay seller Sewpuffectnotions.  This is laughable and obvious.  Moron forger.

Here is another obvious and laughable forged Derek Jeter.

The dopey forgers almost always use cheap China baseballs.

Look at this crap listed with that worthless COA from AAA.

Look at this garbage with a worthless COA from AAA.

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Are any of those forgeries yours, Andrew?

I just bough 1 the Jeter's that was posted above 2 days ago, now see this post from April.  Same exact cert.  Wonder if there's a remedy, I used Paypal so think may be able to get refund, but wonder if the seller may try to sue.

Well there's your answer Kirby.... as everything is fake on Proxibid. LOLOL Everything PERIOD. Stop it over there.

It's a J Sugarman & Co. auction. They're based out of Hollywood Florida, a short drive from Tony Podsada, the apparent source of the machine-signed Mantles, Williams, DiMaggios. 500 Home Run Club signed photos, etc.

I'm glad you came here before you bid, Kirby. I recommend that you get an opinion here on anything you're considering buying.

same old Florida crap, with a different wrapper.

How do they get away with this?  Criminals!

Thanks To You All!


that's what drives me to follow it all . The audacity to scam and the ability to get away with it. I would rather make my cash legally. I hope that POS Tony Don't call me Jorge Podsada sleeps well at night? Can't wait for Danny Graves disease to eat away at his soul. Just a complete LOSER PERIOD

Kirby, did you get a remedy for buying the fake autos?  I may be in the same boat. 

I sent the pictures back and contacted my bank and told them it was an unauthorized charge.  I got my money back.

More laughable forgeries with a COA from AAA.

Look at this crap "authenticated" by AAA.


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