Are any of these autographs real? I'm wanting to know before I buy one. Thanks for any responses

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A quick glance tells me they're are all forgeries - and poor ones at that.

I dont like any of them

stay clear from all of them. the r in a genuine ringo autograph is next to impossible to replicate in one flow. the left side of the r esp in his later autographs before he stopped signing in public and thru the mail have an up and down motion to them with thickness before looping over and around then in again. most that ive seen attempt to forge ringos sig end up looking like these ones u have shown here . 

"the r in a genuine ringo autograph is next to impossible to replicate in one flow."

It's just an oval shape with a pen.  It's not "impossible".  Any signature can be forged.  There was a guy who counterfeited dollar bills with a pen.  That's right, he drew entire dollar bills, and they passed by some cashiers unnoticed.  What makes you think an oval with a sharpie is impossible?

It's myths like these that forgers love to hear.  Because when you declare a signature "Impossible" to duplicate, you're basically giving the forger who manages to duplicate it a COA. 

Pete, I agree with you, there are nuances in most every signature that are NEXT to impossible to replicate. That is why no matter how many Mantle forgeries are out there, and there are thousands, these forgers cannot get it right.  Same with Dimaggio, and Williams.  And Ringo.  The reason why forgers are somewhat successful is they prey on the non-educated that believe in COA's.

Your ability to filter out the bad forgeries made by lazy, untalented "forgers" doesn't say much, honestly.  

There is a smug attitude pervasive among the "experts" like Ron Keurajian when they proclaim that certain signatures are somehow off-limits to forgers and too difficult to execute.  If you read between the lines it's like they think forgers are stupid or something.  

The forgeries made by the masters are undetectable and will never be discovered.  You have some in your collection right now.  I guarantee it.

That's the reality.

I have a nice in-person page for sale if any interest?


Very nice, Richard!

Thank you Joe!

How much are you asking for the Ringo page?

I’m looking for £350 plus shipping for the signed page. It is the last one I have and it is a clear and nice signature.

really nice


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