From talking with another member about trading autographs, we thought maybe it would be cool to have one place here where we can all post up stuff we have for trade or sale that we could all update our collections by.  As long as everyone post up a clear pic of the signatures and a good description, then this could be epic! 


Moderator Comments:
This is a great idea! Try it out in this discussion,
and then we'll set up a special forum category
once we work out the kinks.

Please do your best to make sure your autographs are genuine BEFORE you post them here. Ask for opinions in the appropriate forum here, such as

If you see something here that's a likely forgery, reply with your opinion and contact the forum moderator.

Thanks...and good luck!

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This was the first auto ball I ever got from the Shaq!

I've gotten Shaq a couple times. He always put his number but never placed the # sign on anything he signed for me.

Internet = serious biznez  lol

Thats why I come here.  If I post something I get or have I know Im gonna get a straight up answer.  I like it straight up.  no candy coating it.  I dont want fake crap hanging on my walls, or me giving it as a gift, or maybe selling it.  no fakes.

Hi everyone,

David Jackson is the Da Big Cheez of this trading forum, so what he says goes. Wanted to make sure everyone knows that. His power here is downright God-like. :)

Please be civil here. While it's A-OK to question and argue a little, this is not the place for long, drawn-out discussions on authenticity. Give your opinions, make your cases, but this is not the place for long, drawn out discussions. And please, watch the personal accusations--a little tact can go a long way towards keeping this forum enjoyable while still getting your point across. and other active members here probably should work on some rules to help keep things going fairly smoothly. Procedures for handling questionable offerings fairly will be a challenge, but no doubt something you all can work out. 

Good luck...anything sell here yet?

Thank u Steve! It was getting pretty pathetic.

Steve, David already has the key rule in place, if you read at the top.  The Shaq was not put up for opinion before being posted here.  Certainly I can understand why, as the gentleman was confident of its heritage.  While the dialog is entertaining, once there is a question, as it states above, it should be dealt with between the two parties, and the moderator, off-line.  Its basically in place, we just have to follow it.  

I think some further Research should be done on the hat since another member questions it's authenticity.  Steve has already put a rule in place for that so now we need to follow it. Also throw it up for a discussion in the authenticity forum and hash it out there civilly. Calling names really just makes everyone look bad. If someone says they got something in person and it ends up being fake then that falls on them.  This section is being cluttered with too much discussion and no one is going to see our items without going through 30 pages first. Nothing will ever get sold or traded that way.

Its everyone's responsibility to verify the authenticity to the best of their ability before buying or selling here.  If something isnt authentic or it comes into question then just remove it until there is no question.

I have a Blaze Starr Index Card,  Signed with a self stripper sketch and Lip Print on it.  Will listen to any offers.  Accept Pay Pal as Payment.  Free Shipping, USA Only.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Just wanted to let anyone know I am also looking for any kind of Megan Fox autographs.......Thanks, Matt

If anyone has Granderson or Jeter(side panelled is fine too)  signed ball I'm interested



I recently bought an application that can render a shock right through the keyboard to misbehaving members. Let me know if you need to use it.

all up for trade and sale...I think I sold some of the cards in there since the pics are old but if any one is interested hit me up...I already sold the Hank Bauer card


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