I have a signed photo I'm thinking of possibly selling. The photo is technically a dual signed. The front of the photo signed by Rigo Starr but  the back of the photo is oddly enough signed by  Barbara Streisand. I bought the Ringo signed photo unaware at the time of the signature on the back. I'm curious what your thoughts are on if I should add any value of the Barbara Streisand autograph to the total asking price?  I look forward to any advice I can get.

Thanks, Ryan 

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How much is that one? I'd pass on this Ryan, the 4 envelope corners and rippling are too much. Tilt your screen back some and look. 


I took those to be envelope folds. That is an ink "X" on the back showing through? I would never offer this quality to anyone. This item just became much less desirable. Eye appeal...where? Anything that needs "corrective framing" should be avoided, generally speaking.

Ryan - keep looking for a non-compromised example. Don't settle.

What is the horizontal white line in the OP?

That line in the photo I posted is some sort of glare when I was taking the picture.  I didn't even notice when I took the picture But that glare showed up. It's not on the actual photo itself

Thank you Ryan. I was not sure what it was.

Barbra Streisand doesn't add much to the cost of Ringo Starr.

And if the sigs were on the photo I posted?



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