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(I did post this in Sports Forum, but although people were helpful with Mickey - there were no Babe Ruth experts that responded.)

Hi (again). I did as much research as I could on these two pictures. On the Babe, I looked at other inscribed letters and the *To* and *From* seem to be legit. Looked up numbers and the *4* and *5* look like his - the 7 is questionable. The C in Carl looks like other Cs he has done. Any opinions greatly appreciated! 
Thanks, Kim

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For what it’s worth, I equally presumed the photo was a standard 8x10. 

Dude - I found 2 Eric Clapton*s and a Robert Plant that went for $120. My computer chair and my butt have merged into one. This is on an obscure website that you would never think to find it on. And Beckett did a quick auth and said likely to pass a full one. Not sure about the size. They said 8 by 10, but I do not know if that is the whole frame or the pic. I asked them and am waiting for their answer. Can not see the bottom other than pics I posted.
I found this pic I compared to an old Mickey Mantle that I thought really looked like his OLD style signature. It is on a site in a box marked old photos and frames that is up to $2. You had to look thru a bunch of pics to find this but the sports forum said it was not his old signature. This is his real one: oldmm.jpg And this is the one that is $2. Would have been a good deal. 

The Mantle isn’t good. Clapton and Plant are exceedingly higher in value. I’d make sure full I had full COAs from one of the big three, or ask some of the knowledge base here. That seems very, very concerning to me, obscure site withstanding.

Yeah - the sports forum told me about Mantle - but they said Eric and Robert looked legit. You can not get a full COA unless you mail it in, right? 


Google the name of the website and see if they're discussed anywhere.

I try to do my research before I buy - mainly here - but look at attached for example. That auction is listed as bottles, coins, toys, crystal, and jewelry. This is stuck in one of the lots. Right now there are no bids on it. I am not interested (except Terry Gilliam doodle but I have one). But if I were, I would look at exemplars and then ask you guys. I just got stuff for my daughter that HAS sold on Ebay for $1200 total for $100. (Not listed but sold) british.jpg

Steve - the bottom of the pic IS cut off and it is 8 by 8. Definitely not bidding. Plus it is up to $1500. Thanks for this site! 

He is now up to $2500!!

That's not surprising if other Babe collectors and dealers have seen it. Depending on condition, quality of autograph, and placement, an intact 8x10 would typically sell for $4,000+. The image on the photo matters, too, but they're generally in the $4,000+ range in a reputable, well-attended sports auction. Some sell in the 10s of thousands.

The photo you posted is a highly desirable image and beautifully signed. It could sell in the $3,000s and be restored.

When you said this was at an obscure shop I pictured a sleazy dealer and not Goodwill. You can occasionally find great deals there, but forgeries abound too. About 15 years ago someone bought a copy of the Declaration of Independence in one and paid about $2.50. He knew it was not a modern reproduction, but had no idea is was the rarest copy. It sold at auction for about $500,000.

I just sold a cut for $5500

Babe Ruth has soared this year. Cuts are $4000-$6000, this photo is probably in the same range due to the inscription 

Buying autographs cheap online and then flipping them would be too nerve racking for me, especially if they are cheaper than ebay prices by a wide margin. I would only do that if I saw the graphs in person and was 100% sure. But if you have a money back guarantee and you want to give it a go, then I hope you do well with it.

Naw...I do not want to buy and flip - but I saw Babe so cheap - but he is up to $550 now and the auction is tomorrow. I will wait and find out how big the pic is for Babe and then decide if I want to bid. And the Mantle*s I have asked you guys about were crazy cheap, but not authentic, so I will not even ask about him anymore. I thought his went for a lot of money. I wanted Eric and Robert, though, and my son wanted the other Eric. And I want Gene Wilder. I will stumble across a real one eventually. And maybe a Patrick Mahomes!!



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