Hey everybody. Don't wait. Time's awasting. Act now before it's gone. You can be the proud owner of this Babe Ruth signed baseball glove. For only $15,000 BIN, or be crafty and wait until the end, and hope to snag it for that low opening bid of $8000! It's eBay item 251638424321. Items like this Ruth glove don't (thankfully) come up for bid very often. Get it now!

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Oh, I forgot to mention, in case you missed it, the Babe even underlined his own name for that added emphasis that he really signed it. And if I'm not mistaken, I think he may have signed it in ball-point pen! That's especially rare, making this a great investment piece. Nice.
I would never spend that kinda money on this. This is totally forged and not a very good forgery at that.
Yes, it's quite ridiculous isn't it? It's amazing that it hasn't been pulled, I think. And yet the seller has completed a lot of transactions with a 100% rating. Of course what happens so often is that a buyer will get an item, initially be thrilled with it, give positive feedback, and then have it rejected by an authenticator. Then it's too late to change the feedback, so future potential buyers think the seller is a good guy. Yep, this is a bad one.

garbage,  elementary crap.

Laughable. Reported.

I'm not sure scum sucker Lee Trythall would even give that a thumbs up. On second thought, he probably would

This obvious Babe Ruth forgery on a glove listed by Ebay seller Aparisi07 is both sickening and hilarious.

This is the kid of crap that Coach's Corner (headed by Lee Trythall and Scott Malack) sell every month.

This garbage is usually "authenticated" by Chris Morales, Rareandsigned.com, Ted Taylor, Drew Max, etc.




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