I really cant belive its still available and not sold out...from few days its still in shop

i really want to belive it will be signed by Hurwitz and/or Chazelle himself 

i really cant belive no one post it here before! :)


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Decide for yourself. I usually agree with Rotten Tomatoes but I actually really enjoyed it. It’s not supposed to be a perfectly structured movie. It’s about the excesses and challenges within the young Hollywood industry… and it’s called Babylon for a reason. That ending tied it all together nicely for me. 

Can someone check how many is in stock now?

22 so don't hang around!

7 left for anyone interested

thank u!

i was trying to check it as someone told me to do that but im not that smart and i really can t check it :(

After seeing how it won Golden Globes and got nominated - I had to pick one up. Sad that I wasn’t into graphs until recently, if not would have picked up La La Land back then in a heart beat. Thanks!

did someone get a refund without reason?

i get it..and im crashed 

i bought this when it was in stock and now i realize i won't get this one!


Received email confirming shipment 

I'm very curious how its look like. Mine copy will come with delay. Can someone post pic when it comes?:)

A sealed vinyl arrived in my US mailbox but I don't see a signature. Can anyone confirm if there's an art print within the sealed vinyl?

Why not open it? 

There is an art print signed by Justin inside 



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