The Lives of Brian by Brian Johnson

Like A Rolling Stone by Jann Wenner

Biblical by Rob Halford 

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That's it? 

All that have been promoted in sneak peak to members for music titles.

Barnes and Noble sent out a "sneak peek" email to members this morning.  There are lots of signed books as usual.  The ones highlighted here are the music-related books.

Anyone have the full list if able to post? Also, where is Bono lol??

The email "peek" from B&N did not show a Bono book.  Doesn't mean there will be none though.

Right…local store still seems to think they are getting a limited amount this week 

Very underwhelming if I’m being honest lol 

There's always a chance of a sneak attack one like the bookplated Natalie Portman Fables ones that showed up unannounced. But most of these were pretty available earlier on or still are in other stores.  Good chance for people who missed ones like Brian Johnson or Tom Felton though. 

Hoping to see a Dave Grohl sneak attack lol.

If Bono were going to be a Black Friday book, that would have been front and center. There still could be some out there at various B&N but this isn't going to be a Black Friday book. For those that haven't scored one by now, sorry to say your only option may be ebay :(

So far they have teased these on Facebook and other places

ralph macchio
tom felton
mo Williams
seth myers 
holly black
brian johnson
jan wenner
tracy wolf
mamadou ndiaye
joe trohman
rob halford
Sam Heughan
Ina Garten
Max Greenfield
Geena Davis
George Lopez

Thank you!!



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