The Lives of Brian by Brian Johnson

Like A Rolling Stone by Jann Wenner

Biblical by Rob Halford 

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Oh okay,  I didn't know last years were bookplates, mine were directly signed on the book. The first year of the Portman books, I listed two on ebay right there at BN, those two books sold even before I got up to the cash register to pay for them LOL. 

I haven't been on this site that long but from what I've seen, admitting you are an eBay flipper doesn't seem like the best idea lol

There are many others on this forum.. I hate their practice but that doesn't change who they are as people. Id rather they post so we get a glimpse into their thinking instead of having them hide from us. Its going to happen, we can't stop it. Some resellers are very knowledgeable.. emphasis on *some... lol.

I am not a reseller, totally against the practice of taking items away from fans, making money off the fact they were quicker than others. Its a bit different for true collectors who are in a situation where they have no other choice but to sell their collection years from now. They are not taking these items out of the hands of true fans because they themselves are fans.. My plan is to die happily with my items. they will be passed down to family. Hopefully nothing changes that. Anyways, reseller or not, I have nothing against them as people. Even if some of their comments make me cringe lol

yeah, I was just thinking that I've seen many comments on here calling resellers total scum or worse and just figured that could be information you might want to keep to yourself lol. I could care less personally as it's always been part of the game and who knows why they are reselling in the first place. I've had to flip stuff many times over the years when things got tight so I'm not going to judge anyone when I don't know if they are doing it out of necessity. this is a great site when there isn't conflict going on and I figured that the flipping talk might generate some.   

I am definitely guilty.. I spoke at length about the flipper scum selling RHCP albums but those comments were meant for resellers in general. I would never call someone scum directly.. I was mad for a while about RCHP and refused to buy on ebay for anything over $70.. it never happened.. I was able to score their new album in St Louis at retail and it became a moot point. I have no ill feelings towards the individual, only their actions.. ive learned to separate the 2. That battle against  resellers is a lost cause. They exist because this hobby is alive and healthy and that overall is a good sign for all of us. I give my own friends hell for some of their decisions.. one in particular for filling his walls with funky pops. We clown and will always remain great friends. Thats how I try to see everyone on here. If I ever have negative comments, its never against a specific person unless they specifically target individuals to scam

Yeah Jason I thought it was you but I wasn't going to call you out by name LMAO, I thought your comments were pretty harsh but you have a right to your opinion. and I would tend to agree with you when it comes to those resellers using bots and buying 100 copies of stuff, but there are many others selling for other reasons so I wouldn't want to lump them all together. but it's all good because I figured you were just frustrated and really just referring to the worst of the resellers and not calling all of us who ever resold something scum lol

If you did call me out by name, I wouldnt mind at all. Im an open book on here and can take any criticism. If im wrong, ill recognize mistakes and learn. Im pretty competitive though so if anyone comes at me, expect a battle.. lol but all in good fun. If something does slip out accidental, ill be the 1st to apologize. Feelings will be always be hurt with any disagreements,  but we move on and continue to grow as a community, we are all in this together and every one of you i consider a friend. We may disagree and butt heads at some point but then be in the thick of a battle against autopens the next day

Just went to my Barnes and Noble and saw a stack of at least 40 Bono signed books on the table. Next to it were signed Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln and Julius Ceasar.

If you really want to make it unbelievable, you should have said it was piled next to a signed Bob Dylan.

Anyone know what books they have out yet? 

From what I can see online definitely no Bono books. Looks like nothing else good either really. Tom Felton might be the best one, but nothing I'm interested in. Guess that saves me a trip to the store. 

My Barnes and noble had nothing really of note. No Bono and no Brian Johnson.  Had Macchio, Seth Myers, Rob Halford and Tom Felton. Had the Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Lopez book only signed by Fallon. 



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