Hi guys, I am new here and greatly appreciate the advise and help on this. I purchased these 2 items from a reputable seller on ebay and they seem real to me but you guys are the experts. Please advise. 



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Post photos, not attachments.

thanks, do you see the pic of the jersey ? 

I all I see are attachments.

how and where do i put the pics ? I;m confused 

do you see it now ? 

yes, the photos are now visible.  I think you are ok with these UDA purchases.  I haven't seen the crooks get this level of counterfeiting yet.

thank you, makes me feel better. anyone else with feedback to completely reassure me. 

These are good.  That jersey being #8/88 is quite a special piece.  Congrats 

thank you ! I know I think I might have a gold mine on the jersey ! 

anyone else wanna comment ? 

Hey I’m a huge Kobe fan. If I may ask? How much were you able to get these two awesome additions to your collection for?

Both are authentic although I prefer the signature on the ball



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