Battle of the Experts: Grad vs Epperson; Who's the Better Authenticator?


   I was wondering who I should ask for a quick opinion in deciphering if a signature is authentic or not.  So, here is my choices, Steve Grad of Beckett Authentications or Roger Epperson of JSA Spence.  Who's better for rock signatures?

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Roger Epperson, without a doubt.

Thanks Joe, I thought so, just had to be certain.

Grad without a doubt

Thank you Paul, some of my autographs were authenticated by Beckett - which as you already know belongs to Steve Grad.

Grad doesn’t hold a candle to Epperson on music 

I'd say it depends on the signature, as always.

Thank you for your expert opinion Eric.

For rock music I would ask Epperson.

Thank you everybody for your opinions.  I really appreciate them.   So it's 2 - 1 Epperson with 1 indecisive.  I would hope to believe they're both excellent authenticators; well, I know Roger is, I just don't know enough about Steve Grad to make a concisive decision.

Yes, thank you Todor.

IMO  -  Epperson for rock autographs

Roger specializes and deals exclusively in music related autographs... when it comes to needing music opinions, I'll chose him over Beckett any day. I'm not criticizing BAS, as I use them for a lot of graphs - I just think Roger is better at music.


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