Hello are these Beatles signatures from 1967 I think so thought I would ask others opinions thanks very much John.

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they look good to me

Look ok to me also.

The autographs look real to me, but they look familiar, like I've seen them somewhere before.

If you're considering buying them, get better images first, and be sure to always pay by regular PayPal with buyer protection. Not Friends and Family.


Is a good high resolution scan available? Other than form one can't read any surfaces etc.

Hello thanks for the opinions so far I have asked for close ups will post soon.

I will go take a look on my pc - these look strange to me on my laptop. Live human ink has been verified?


The signatures appear to be printed in the insert (it's a mono insert), but the photos are still not crisp.


I just realized that all the seller did was save the images from the original image separately. They didn't take new scans. This likely means they do not have the actual item.

+1 I can't get anything out of them. Other than red flags!

I predict someone is going to post the actual item that has these autographs. Those signatures look newer than Sgt. Pepper era, especially a mono Pepper like that one.

Ballroom's elephant memory often comes in here.



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