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PledgeMusic has an autographed baseball by the Beatles and other items available. What's the deal? All I can see is the George Harrison auto on it


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notsure but the only thing off real value if its real and signed by all is the baseball the rest isnt that hard too come by,notsure where they get 100k number from

You can see all the autographs in the video on his site (at the end). Looks authentic but he says the Ringo has been enhanced (whatever that means). No way it's worth 100 grand. 

He said enjoy
Memory Lane sold a very solid Beatles-signed baseball a few years ago in the $80,000's. Also Candlestick Park. I thought that the person who bought it got a good value.
The candle stick park poster is a reprint worth a few 100 if real in great condition 10k
I figured they would post some still photos of each autograph

Yeah, that's odd. I was going to say, contact him, but I couldn't find a way to email him thru the auction and Tom's website, rockandrollinvestments.com, doesn't appear to be online anymore. He used to be very active in the rock autograph field, especially Beatles.


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